Happy Easter!

Dear Friend K,

I heard yesterday during the Music and the Spoken Word broadcast that "if the message of Easter were reduced to just one word, that word might be hope."  It was a glorious, joyful, peaceful, optimistic, hopeful day.  Last night at bedtime, Son, didn't want Easter to end.  I feel the same way.  It was wondrous!

The day started with some Easter crafts.  Chicks to represent new life and Mary and Jesus in front of the garden tomb.  We don't make as many crafts now that we're not homeschooling, but we took advantage of our time together while Husband caught up on some sleep.  We had an enjoyable morning talking, discussing, and learning together about the Savior's resurrection.  I really love to teach my children!

We ate our traditional "conference breakfast."  General Conference was delightful.  We rejoiced in revelation and news of revelation that pertained to us.  When our children became rowdy, we dismissed them from the room.  However, they chose to stay.  They asked questions about things they heard and announcements being made.  I was much older than them when I started watching all 8-10 hours of conference.  My heart fills with joy to see them desire to watch so faithfully.

We made our traditional "resurrection rolls" and ate fish and honeycomb just as Jesus did.

We watched Bible Videos about the resurrection.  After dinner we went down by the river.  It was in the 30's, so we couldn't stay too long.  It is tradition to go sit by the water after conference and discuss the things that we've heard, promptings that we've felt, and changes that we need to make.  We've been blessed to do this by oceans, lakes, rivers depending on where we've lived.  I've never celebrated such a cold and wintry Easter, but there was so much joy in our hearts it didn't seem that wintry at all.  We watched ice chunks float down the river.....hey, at least the river was flowing!  It's just started to thaw in the past few weeks.  Another snowy aside, today marks the first day that I could back out of the driveway and see over the snowbanks.  This is most welcome as I have been inching and praying while blindly backing out not able to see anything until well into the roadway.

Other scenes from our Easter Week:

Son, making sure that his beloved stuffed animal could see while watching He is Risen.

Playing with the kid-friendly resurrection set.  I walked by one morning and caught Son quietly playing and it warmed my heart.  He avoids a lot of my formal teaching moments and I sometimes worry that I'm not doing as well with him as with Daughter.

 An Easter activity at church.  I put together a set of "resurrection eggs" and the children all made a set to take home.  These are popular in the Midwest/South and you can buy commercial sets at chain stores.  We had a set that was made at a previous church activity years ago, but I didn't love it.  There are online suggestions for various items to put in.  Many times I felt they were picking out details to highlight in each egg that I wouldn't have chosen and leaving out other details that I thought were important.  I created my set to pass off a Faith in God requirement about learning about the sacrament.  "Explain how taking the sacrament helps you renew your baptismal covenant." (Faith in God, "Learning and Living the Gospel #1) I thought long and hard about whether I would prefer just a more traditional set detailing the crucifixion/ resurrection, and decided that I liked keeping covenants tied to it.  I feel like many talks recently and even Pres. Nelson's initial address as President of the Church reference keeping on the covenant path and the importance of that.  I learned a lot as I put my set together and look forward to sharing it with my family in years to come.  I used one of my favorite Easter resources, "Easter Week" from the April 2011 Friend magazine.  I may do a future post in more detail about the resurrection egg set.

There were no Easter egg hunts.  There were no baskets.  There was no candy.  Just sweet simple truths that the Spirit confirmed to us.  I pray that I may be a better disciple of Christ this coming year and that I won't forget the wondrous Easter that we celebrated.  I know that my Savior loves me.  After tucking our blessings into bed, Husband and I sat down for the final conference tradition.  We always read our patriarchal blessings out loud together, even if we've done it recently.  With the words of prophets fresh in our ears, we always receive direction.

And we did again!  More steps into darkness for us.  Sometimes I don't want to watch General Conference, because they always bring such big changes for our family, but they are always just what we need.  And in perfect hindsight I can count these decisions/ changes as some of our greatest blessings.  

Happy Easter!

With love,



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