The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Two

Dear Friend W,

Praise His holy name!  God is in the details!

I just wanted to update you and tell you what happened to me on Wednesday.  I was really bummed about not going to the fellowship meeting and I was questioning myself, though I knew I shouldn't because I also knew it was the Lord's will.  I buckled Son into the car and wasn't sure which way to go.  I thought about going home.  I realized I hadn't brought my phone to Bible Study and so I didn't have a way to update my husband that I wasn't going to Fellowship.  He was actually going to meet me at Burger King at noon to help me leave with Son, because I really needed to run an errand.  The errand was to go visit the nursing home that I had a performance at on Saturday.  I had scheduled a time block for my piano students and I to put on a Christmas concert.  I had never been to the facility, so I needed to go check it out and look at the room, piano, etc.  And I had to have this done by 3pm on Wednesday, because I had promised my students that I would find out if was "creepy" or not.  They call it an assisted living center, but I have learned that can mean a lot of different things on a wide spectrum.  My students were nervous about this service opportunity, and I really wanted it to go well for them that they would find joy in serving the elderly through using their musical talents.   This is why I was kind of feeling stressed even when I was planning on coming to the Fellowship.

I considered going straight to the retirement community and just completing the project earlier than planned.  I figured that I could pop in, complete my business and still make it home to text Husband about the change of plans, but then I felt like I should go get my phone first.  It was basically on the way, so it wasn't a huge deal.  Yet, I felt really shallow, like I was one of those people that couldn't function without their smartphone with them all the time.  I decided I was shallow and I went and picked up the phone and went to the retirement community.

I walked in, spoke with administration, took care of business, saw that it was a digital grand piano, and was about to leave.  There really wasn't too much to do.  Then I decided to play the piano for a volume check and I discovered that the action is very stiff which will be helpful for my students to know.  I started to play a song and all of a sudden a bunch of residents appeared!  They hobbled in as fast as they could.  Some even scooting their own wheelchairs into place.  I felt bad that I had "teased" them with one song when my intent was to leave, but then I had an idea.

I recently downloaded a hymns app on my phone, so I just pulled it up and played the Christmas hymns listed.  I could only see one line at a time, so I had to scroll and play at the same time, which resulted in some missed notes, but it ended up being a lot of fun.  A lady had given Son a bag of cookies and he just laid on the floor under the piano and ate them contentedly, which surprised me, because he's not always the most patient.  Tears came to my eyes as I realized that I had almost come without my phone, and I would not have been able to play for these elderly people.  When I was in high school I would go every Sunday and play piano at an Alzheimer's facility and I've held those memories dear over the years.  I intend to speak with the activities coordinator on Saturday about creating a long standing relationship with them, so that I could play more often for them.

I reassured the residents several times that I would be back Saturday morning at 10 and finally left.

Isn't that so cool?  I am still bummed that I missed out on hearing from everyone, but this is just so cool.  That He would direct me to get my phone so that I would be able to play for these residents on that day, and that it will bless them in the future as I schedule for time to play for them.  Very awe-inspiring.

I hope the recitals went well.

Merry Christmas!



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