The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 1

Dear Readers,

I think it'll kill me off, but I'm going to post something for 12 days in a row leading up to Christmas.  There just isn't time to write, and so unless I make a goal/ deadline, I will always find something more important and time sensitive.

I do well with what is placed in front of me.  Jesus healed people (John 5:1-15) by physically touching them (John 9).  He spoke to them (Matt. 5:1-2).  He looked into their eyes (woman taken in adultery).  He was there.  He was present in mind, body, and spirit.

I've learned that to be like the Savior, I need to do the same.  I need to be within arm's reach, so my hands can bless them.  I need to be able to speak with them face to face and look into their eyes so that I might commune with their souls and discern their needs.  I need to make sure that technology doesn't distract me and pull me away from the needs that are around me.  I need to place myself around others, and when they place themselves in front of me I need to stop.

STOP.  Not just pause.  Not view them as a hurdle, speed bump, blip in the road, or detour to go around in my journey forward.

They ARE the journey!

Jesus intended that these people and situations be put in my way.  We are Jesus' hands on earth (Pres. Uchtdorf's talk about this).  Jesus Christ can no longer physically meet needs.  He can't look into faces filled with despair to offer hope.  His love is ever present and His Spirit abundant, but sometimes a physical tangible need is there, and that's where we come into the picture.  Christ has saved us all, but He uses us to help and love one another here on earth.

Countless experiences have humbled me as He has allowed me to be an extension of Him.  But I also know that I have worked hard for the Lord's trust in me.  I have listened to and acted on promptings immediately as they've come.  I remember in the beginning, I was full of second guessing myself as I learned how to listen to the Spirit, but now things are so second nature that I don't question.  Nothing shocks me anymore in the things that I am prompted to do.

Honestly, though, I love it.  It is a joy to be in the service of my God.

I feel like I'm speaking so vaguely in this post, but I just can't find the words to describe how wonderful it is to be a true disciple of the Savior that is only concerned with treating others EXACTLY as He would treat them.  And having the same hopes and desires for them that He would.  No small task and I still fail sometimes, but as I hone my abilities it gets sweeter and sweeter.  I feel bad not giving specific examples, but I don't want to cheapen or lessen the experiences I've had.  I don't do things to be able to report back on the blog.  (Matt 6:1-4)

So I struggle to blog.  My readers are not right in front of me.  Honestly, don't be surprised if I don't blog all 12 days ;)  I am journeying on with all that comes in my path!

With love,


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