The Sweetness of Singing to Sleep

Dear Sister,

I just emerged from singing Son to sleep.  It is not the usual way he goes down for a nap.  Usually we plan our outings so that he falls asleep in the car on the way home from the morning errands.  And if there are no morning errands then sometimes it's just time to "go in the car" and we go on a delightful drive to the lake and back. Thankfully I live 1 mile from the lake and my son falls asleep really fast in the car.

Today I deemed it too cold to go in the car.  I didn't think the heater would kick in during our short drive, and I do happen to still be wearing pajamas.  So in we went to the rocking chair to try to make a success the ritual that Daughter and I loved when she was younger.  I sang her to sleep everyday for years.  Son has been resistant to the practice.

I snuggled him and I sang and I sang songs that were found in the Primary Children's Songbook.  Truthfully, I enjoy the free vocal practice time, and singing all of the verses to a song really helps to embed the words in my memory.  But most of all, I love that I am pouring the doctrine of Christ into his little brain to just sit and simmer until the Holy Ghost will call it back to his remembrance today.  Think of all of those seeds that will come to fruition.  I think it's so interesting that I'll be planning to sing a certain song next, but then a different one will just pop out instead.  I wonder if I'm being led to sing what he needs to hear.  There are so many good songs to rotate through.  I'd say I usually sing about 15 minutes.

These are the songs that I sang today:
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus (pg. 78)
Love One Another (pg. 136)
Keep the Commandments (rusty second verse! note to self...please look it up) (pg. 146)
I Am A Child of God (pg. 2)
I Lived in Heaven (pg. 4)
I Know my Father Lives (pg. 5)
Search, Ponder, and Pray (also botched a line in the second verse...note to self) (pg. 109)
Seek the Lord Early (pg. 108)

I feel like I'm forgetting one, but oh well.  I've forgotten the sweetness of singing to sleep a child with the Primary songs.  Husband always does bedtime and I know he sings some, but I've been missing out!  I think now that it's colder that Son will be more receptive to snuggling before nap time, because he loved being wrapped up in the blanket today.  I think he was cold.

Do you sing Primary songs to your little one?  Hope all is well.  The 50% off sale is this week.  I re-looked it up.  And pinch some cheeks for me!


P.S. And you owe me money? :)


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