Preparing Teenagers

Dear Readers,

Maybe no one else cares, but the 2014 Sharing time outline is now available.  I care and have been anxiously waiting to get to sneak ahead.  I love seeing if anything will overlap with the remainder of this year so that the children will get extra repetition.

Find it here!  We're talking about families.

I keep meaning to mention that I spend my time in Primary.  When I was asked to work with these children (ages 3-11), the Bishop specifically charged me with the task of preparing teenagers.   Having been previously over the 12-18 year-olds, I know what an important job that is.  Working with youth can easily be crisis control, especially if they don't come from a great home situation.  As a leader it makes the job a lot harder.  Parents are first teachers and we're supposed to support them.  Not the other way around.  We all know that every situation isn't ideal so leaders often try to fill in the gaps, especially when the youth have a testimony and desire to follow the teachings of Christ's church and the parents don't.  (I love working with the youth too, even if they do need some extra lovin'.). There are so many great youth with such bright futures, but I would ache for them because they were years behind where they could have been if they had better parent support.

Which is why I love to teach in the Primary and try to help them before they are teenagers and are in need of some crisis control.  And why it'll be especially great to be focused on forever families that are ordained of God next year.

Awww, and quickly previewing the outline looks so perfect to teach this doctrine.  I am so blessed to be in Primary.



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