My Small Car

Dear Readers,

"Mom, why does she have a small car?"

An innocent little girl truly wanted to know, why I didn't have a mini van like their family did and probably every other family that she knows.

Well, I just don't have need for more than 4 seats.

There's Me, Husband, Daughter, and Son.

To be clear, this is MY son that miraculously grew in my tummy (not a foster/adopt).  I figured it was time to introduce him here on the blog, but if I thought I was protective of my daughter on the internet, I can't believe how hesitant I have been to post Son here.  Revealing that Son is here will make blogging some things easier.  I've been holding several to post until I revealed my little cutie.  Also, I was without internet which is why we missed a couple of weeks.

The longest story on earth (the story of my children) will be told another day, just know that he is here.

I answered the girl that I had a "teeny weeny family" and so I just needed a teeny weeny small car.  Her family had 5 kids in it, so every seat was filled in the van.  I told her that Heavenly Father wanted her family to big so she needed a big car and He wanted my family to be small so I had a small car.

Ever since discovering that the Sharing time outline theme for 2014 is about the family....officially called Families are Forever (see previous post)....I can't stop thinking about it!  I can't get the song "The Family is of God" out of my head.  It's so happy and positive about families and I love the lyrics that teach the doctrine!



Michelle said…
Congratulations on Son!!! I can't wait to hear more on the story about your family. Loved your message on your perspective on your Sunday appearance! Thanks for sharing!

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