Hope an Anchor of the Soul

Dear Friend P,

I was reading the Ensign and loved the article about hope (link won't be live until September, but pg. 62 in the hard copy of the September 2013 Ensign).  I thought you would too.  I thought you would like to add it to your personal collection readings on hope.  I enjoyed all of our conversations about hope that we used to have.

I also thought you might like this video.  While not tagged for hope I really thought the message tied into it "a secure anchor".  Definitely something that I needed right now.  "Hope is an anchor of the soul" as Paul says (Heb. 6:19).  Which is why I correlated the movie and article together.

If this finds you in good health let me know and I'll write something longer with more substance and yes I'll still hand-write it, just for you.



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