Put Into My Heart

Dear Brother,

Yesterday I was wandering around my house wondering what to do with myself.  The thought came to me, "Go read your scriptures!"  Before I could make an excuse, I decided to take advantage of that little pocket of time.

I wasn't sure what to read so I flipped through the pages.  All of a sudden I thought to stop.  I was at Helaman 13.  I admit I read 3 verses and then fell asleep, but when I awoke I committed to keep reading.  I did, and couldn't believe what I was reading.

My mind has been on missionary work the past couple of weeks.  Between General Conference, personal experiences, people preparing for mission calls, talks at church, etc. there's been a lot to think about.  There's many neighbors and friends that I could share the gospel with.  These past few months I haven't really introduced myself too well, and I've been realizing how much they don't know about me.  Yesterday morning when I was invited to a social function I realized that these friends didn't know I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I began to think about things I might say during our get together.  I knew I didn't have to lead them through the discussions in our first conversation about the church, but I didn't want to biff it either.  I wanted to accurately represent the Church and how I felt about it.  I didn't want them to think I was embarrassed or not very committed either. Usually a social function brings out the "what to wear" syndrome, but I really just kept thinking about "what to say".

Reading in Helaman 13, I read about Samuel the Lamanite.  He had been preaching, but nobody wanted to listen to him so he was going to go home.  Verse 2 says he was preaching "repentance".  It also sounded like he came from a different city, so it made me think about missionaries.  Verse 3 says the voice of the Lord asked him to try again and "prophesy unto the people whatsoever things should come into his heart."  I felt like I received an answer to my question about what to say to my friends.

The Lord would put things into my heart.  All I had to do was say whatever was in my heart at the time of our conversation.  This also sounded a lot like bearing your testimony to me.  We don't write them out in advance.  We don't plan an agenda or edit/ organize them.  All we do is speak whatever is in our heart and that is good enough to testify of Christ.  The Lord will make sure the message is what the recipient needs to hear even if it's not what we would have originally thought.

I have evolved in my love of missionary work over the years.  I used to be so deathly afraid of missionary work that I panicked when Husband signed up to feed the missionaries the first time.  I think I actually made him cancel that time.  I didn't want them to come, because I knew they'd ask me for a name or a for a commitment to participate in missionary work.  I never knew what to say to others.  I always tripped and stumbled over words.  Now, it definitely seems easier to just speak "whatsoever things should come into [my] heart."

Love you, miss you.

I'll keep you posted.



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