Easter Week

Dear Readers,

It's that time of year.  Spring is here!  The weather is warming, the sun shines more often, blossoms are blooming, the grass is greener, birds are chirping, and thoughts are turned to renewal and rebirth.  Of course this also means that Easter is near.

Easter is never celebrated as big as Christmas.  Thankfully, I think this is because there are less worldly traditions to distract from the true meaning.  Still, if as Christians and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints claim to love Easter as much as Christmas, I have often wondered why no one has Easter advent calendars, Resurrection sets are scarce, there are no Easter stories to read, no choral concerts, etc.  We do all of these things for Christmas, but somehow not Easter.  I hope it is because others are trying to preserve the sacredness of the holiday and I do appreciate that if that is the reason.  Less can be more, and there is something about the simplicity of Easter, compared to the possible hoopla of Christmas, that is refreshing.

The March 2013 Ensign had an article about Creating Christ-Centered Easter Traditions.  One tradition that I read about in the article that my family will try this year is to eat fish on Easter.  We love the children's song, "Did Jesus Really Live Again" and it mentions that Jesus ate fish and honeycomb, so it seems like a good fit for our family.  I also hope to include something to do with testimonies as bearing her testimony is really important to my daughter right now.

We've already been talking about the Savior in my house, things He would do, and how to follow Him.  We've been singing "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" (download on this page here), the Primary's song of the month.  We've been discussing reverence as well.  We have our Resurrection set out and "tell the story".  We've been watching videos found at biblevideos.lds.org.  We do have a set of Resurrection eggs that contain scriptures and small symbols that talk about the crucifixion and Resurrection.  We have our plastic Easter eggs out and look forward to dying hard boiled eggs, both symbols of the Resurrection.

As I type all of this it seems like we actually do A LOT for Easter, even though every year it seems like so little.  I guess it is because it is done in small increments.  A bedtime song here, a quick testimony there.  The only thing that is "organized" is that I like to use "Easter Week" from the April 2011 Friend.  It has scriptures and a short blurb detailing the things that Jesus did in the 8 days before Easter Sunday.  We started last night.  I have the magazine still, so I also have the benefit of showing the pictures, though you could find your own to correspond.  (They list what pictures are used in the magazine at the bottom if you wanted to find the exact ones.)  Even that isn't huge, because the scriptures are short, but it is something scheduled.

Mainly I like to have an open dialogue in our house about the Savior.  Last Saturday we were dancing to rock guitar music recording videos for posterity of our dancing/ air guitar and drumming.  The next thing I knew, my daughter was kneeling next to our Resurrection Set wanting to hear the story again with the rock music still blaring.  Though my husband and I were still having fun, we paused the music and had a spiritual moment with our daughter as not to miss that opportunity of desire to learn.  By having an open dialogue with Easter preparation, it sets the tone for the coming months to remind us to always openly talk about the Savior in our home.

Now personally, I think telling the Nativity story compared to the story of the Resurrection is way easier.  It doesn't seem to have as many details to me.  It's hard to know where to start and end when talking about the Resurrection especially as it requires understanding the Jewish and Roman customs of the time period.  Visuals help keep the details clear (at least for me).  The Nursery manual has a cut-out of Jesus and the tomb.  While helpful, it doesn't provide visuals for so many of the other details.  While it is my policy to only direct others to websites in the lds.org family I have found a resource for a kid friendly Resurrection set.  I do not endorse this blog in any way and have looked at none of the other content besides this particular link (free printable kid craft Resurrection Set).  Having a resin Resurrection set (and having pieces broken and glued back together), I appreciate this hands-on, kid friendly set to help my children learn.  If someone has found a plastic set in a store to buy please let me know, as far as I know, they do not exist.

I hope you enjoy your Easter week!



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