Worlds Without Number

Dear Friend M,

A few months ago I was driving in the car with my daughter.  She had picked up a flyer while we were out and was proceeding to read it.

"Mom, what's a world?"

I then proceeded to explain what a world was to her for a few minutes.  Not wanting to miss an opportunity for a spiritual conversation, I then said, "Heavenly Father created the world.  There's a scripture that says Heavenly Father created worlds without number (Moses 1:33)."  I told her to think of the biggest number that she could and that there were even more worlds than that.  I give an example of something like a million, billion, gazillion, trillion (because that was the biggest number that I could think of on the spot).

"You mean like 100?"

"Is that the biggest number you can think of?"


"Yeah, Heavenly Father created 100 worlds and even more than that."  :)



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