In the Saddle Again

Dear Friend A,

This is my formal invitation to read my blog that I told you I have, though I also told you that I no longer post on it.  I had decided it had run it's course (because I am so wise and know everything, ha).  I thought that Heavenly Father had accomplished the purposes that He desired, that through my efforts the outcomes had been reached, rendering the blog to be finished.  As usual, I was wrong.

I will start posting on this blog again.  Mainly because I realize that the world needs my voice and testimony.  Not because it's anything extra special, but because it is exists.  I LOVE reading the Ensign every month.  I have posted about it several times on my blog (check the archives).  I love the pictures and counsel from our General Authorities, but I also love the articles that are from regular Joe Schmoes like me.  Their little blurbs about their best efforts to live the gospel really lift me up and inspire me.  Regular people are Mormons, it's true!  More than once I've seen things published by people that I know!  That's always exciting.  I keep thinking that I should submit something to the Ensign, but yeah well, you know.

Enter the blog.  It's basically a big compilation of a bunch of Ensign submissions.  Friend D's words were really encouraging to me the other night that maybe my readers enjoy reading about my best efforts to live the gospel and endure to the end in this crazy existence called life.  Hence, why I'm starting anew and you're invited (

Somehow I think I have a feature that you can subscribe to me, look for it somewhere on my blog I guess.  I'm not super blog techy.

Miss you.



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