Guiding Behavior

Dear Friend H,

Today during the Singing Time there were some boys who were making faces at me and being rude.  It hurt my feelings.  Since you are one of the oldest boys in Senior Primary, I was wondering if you would help me. I'd like for you to be a leader and an example to the other boys of how to sing during Singing Time and treat me with respect.  If you want to help me please check the "yes" box, sign your name and mail it back to me in the envelope provided.  Thank you so much for your help.  I know I can count on you.

Your Friend,
Sister Lindsay

You guessed it.  My little friend was indeed the ringleader of the face makers, non-singers, etc.  I decided to take a page from President Monson's playbook.  He has spoken of an experience many different times.  When he was in Primary he came across his Primary President and noticed she was upset.  She said it was because of the discipline problems.  He said he'd help her and then there were no more problems, because he too was the main cause of them at the time.  (one source here)

I couldn't resist the return card.  What little kid doesn't love sending and receiving mail.  I also thought this added an element of commitment on his part.  Fingers crossed the snarky comments stop.


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