Family Night

Dear Readers,

It's Monday!  My family will be having Family Home Evening.  Will yours?

I love my family.  As I was thinking about my love for my family today, I decided to visit to see what resources they held for me.

I clicked on "Building a Strong Family" and was pleasantly surprised to see several links to topics that would benefit my family.  There are 4 sections listed; Keys to Strong Families, Strengthening Husband and Wife Relationships, Strengthening Parent and Child Relationships, Strengthening Individual Family Members.  I have questions about parenting my daughter.  I saw answers to the very things I was wondering about under "Strengthening Parent and Child Relationships".

I did notice that all of these links came from the Family Home Evening Resource Book, so I already had the answers in my home and didn't even know it.  The information isn't anything new or earth-shattering as the Family Home Evening Resource Book (buy here) has been around awhile and I am thankful for that.  It's the same little things that build strong families.

I also liked that in the sidebar it listed a link for "Places to Visit".  If you click there it takes you to a page that has Visitor Centers, Historic Sites, and Pageants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Summer's not over yet.  There still is time for a vacation and what better place to go than a church sponsored site/ event.  I am a big believer in family vacations and apparently the Church is too.  I know they build strong families.  It was something that I loved all growing up and now my family does too.  We make it a priority to go, even if it means going on a limited vacation budget (i.e. no four star hotel accommodations or fancy restaurants) or adjusting our monthly budget and cutting out the four star hotel accommodations and fancy restaurants, (ha, I wish!).

We went to Nauvoo, IL last summer!  And we loved it!  And we may or may not have returned there this summer, but I'm not spilling the beans yet (and we may or may not have eaten PBJ sandwiches for lunch everyday).

I just have family on the brain today!  I love them so much.

Here is a semi-recent picture of said family.  I don't think I've posted a picture for awhile:



Michelle said…
Love the picture! I can't believe how fast your daughter is growing up! And you look great:) Hope all is well!

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