Did You Forget It's Pioneer Day?

Dear Readers,

I wasn't going to post today (off schedule), but I guess everyone doesn't mark Pioneer Day on their calendar and anticipate it for weeks like I do.  When I was visiting teaching tonight, no one else remembered!!!

Today Daughter and I have enjoyed watching this (video below) several times.  I LOVE acoustic hymns.  I have so many CDs of folksy hymn arrangements.  I love thinking about the example of the pioneers and the idea that I can be one too.  Heavenly Father asks me to do hard things all the time.  Knowing that the pioneers were successful gives me motivation to get through my struggles.  Faith and courage are the two things that I really associate with pioneers.  I am a modern day pioneer.

Sorry, if you missed Pioneer Day, but remember not everyone entered the valley on July 24th, so remembering them everyday is appropriate :)

In Remembrance,


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