A Simple Prayer

Dear Friend J,

I have been thinking of you.  You probably love to read the Friend Magazine, because it talks about kids just like you!  One of my favorite parts of the Friend Magazine is when different kids write in from all over the world about how they are trying to be like Jesus and living the gospel.

I am not in the Primary anymore, but if I was, this is what I would write to the Friend, because I just had a great experience recently:

"One day my lawnmower wouldn't start.  The Dad of the family tried to start it for a long time and it just wouldn't start.  I needed the lawnmower to start that day, otherwise it would create a bunch of problems the next day.  Right when the Dad of the family was about to give up, I said "Wait, let me say a prayer."  I bowed my head, and closed my eyes, and said a little prayer that Heavenly Father would help our lawnmower to start.  When I finished, the lawnmower started on the 2nd try!  I felt really good inside and knew that Heavenly Father answered my prayer."

I have a great testimony of prayer, and I hope you do too!




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