Tomorrow is Memorial Day

Dear Readers,

Oops.  I've been having fun and didn't stick to my "new" post schedule (which was going to be Monday, Thursday, Saturday, but who knows now).

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a day to remember those who died in past wars.  (Last year's post here.)

My locale is quite patriotic.  We had an outdoor concert with the symphony and fireworks.  (I love patriotic concerts!!!)  I felt under-dressed as I did not wear any red, white, or blue.  I would say close to 50% of the people were decked out.  People had patriotic balloons, pinwheels, hats, necklaces, and of course flags.  We took a flag for Daughter and she loved waving it in time to the music with everyone else.

I was touched by the emotion that was in the park.  The program included narrations about the meaning of Memorial Day and we all remembered and thought of those who died.  It was very sobering.  Grown men were choked up with emotion.  It was exciting to see standing ovations for some World War II Veterans to be able to have something tangible to celebrate.

That's the worst part about Memorial Day.  All that exist are crosses and gravestones as physical evidence of what the day is about.  Widows and family members are left behind.  I explained it to my daughter that these men and women didn't get to come home to their families, but instead went to live with Heavenly Father.

I felt so proud to be an American and a part of that gathering of people as we displayed our patriotism together.  I know that America is the land of the free, because it is the promised land.  Heavenly Father set it aside to be free, a "land of liberty" (2 Nephi 10:11).

Whatever your plans are for tomorrow.  Be safe.  Thank a service-person if you get the chance (they're under-thanked), but most importantly,


Thank you,


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