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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tomorrow is Memorial Day

Dear Readers,

Oops.  I've been having fun and didn't stick to my "new" post schedule (which was going to be Monday, Thursday, Saturday, but who knows now).

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a day to remember those who died in past wars.  (Last year's post here.)

My locale is quite patriotic.  We had an outdoor concert with the symphony and fireworks.  (I love patriotic concerts!!!)  I felt under-dressed as I did not wear any red, white, or blue.  I would say close to 50% of the people were decked out.  People had patriotic balloons, pinwheels, hats, necklaces, and of course flags.  We took a flag for Daughter and she loved waving it in time to the music with everyone else.

I was touched by the emotion that was in the park.  The program included narrations about the meaning of Memorial Day and we all remembered and thought of those who died.  It was very sobering.  Grown men were choked up with emotion.  It was exciting to see standing ovations for some World War II Veterans to be able to have something tangible to celebrate.

That's the worst part about Memorial Day.  All that exist are crosses and gravestones as physical evidence of what the day is about.  Widows and family members are left behind.  I explained it to my daughter that these men and women didn't get to come home to their families, but instead went to live with Heavenly Father.

I felt so proud to be an American and a part of that gathering of people as we displayed our patriotism together.  I know that America is the land of the free, because it is the promised land.  Heavenly Father set it aside to be free, a "land of liberty" (2 Nephi 10:11).

Whatever your plans are for tomorrow.  Be safe.  Thank a service-person if you get the chance (they're under-thanked), but most importantly,


Thank you,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Dear Readers,

Welcome back!

I always thought of life as a long walk.  Some call it a journey.  I pictured a highway out in the desert (no trees and dusty) that just went on forever.  All you had to do was foot in front of the other.  Then one day when your life was over, that was that.  I'm not sure if I really pictured getting somewhere or if you were just kind of teleported to heaven (a la Area 51?).  The main idea is that I focused on was to endure to the end.  I thought I would be successful as long as I had a sturdy pair of tennis shoes.  I'd be fine and not need anything else.

However, somehow I was switched to the High Adventure Amazon option.  My life has included hiking along uncharted territory (balancing atop a waterfall no less), ziplining through the jungle, avoiding catching diseases, dodging dangerous wildlife, rafting down the river avoiding crocodiles and piranhas looking for a snack, and scything my way through dense foliage.  This is a very active life/ journey.  It is high adventure and very exciting with many "thrills", but they don't come without risks and heartache as well.  It is also much more intense and definitely once in a life-time!  It is hard as heck and some days you just don't look like a babe with sweat pouring off of you, and tears of frustration being emitted, and rope burns on your hands from climbing up a tree for safety.  But you're alive, you've endured one more experience, and that's what matters.

It is not the walk that I had envisioned.  Enduring just won't cut it.  I have found that I need more preparation and protection than just a sturdy pair of tennis shoes.  I have realized that life takes a lot of work along the way.  It's not just a meandering aimless walk, but daily survival.

I am amazed and awed by my life.  It is something that I never would have chosen, but I have learned and grown so much and had many once in a life-time opportunities similar to an Amazon Adventure.  I treasure my experiences...almost all of them (still working on a few), for they have made up MY LIFE.  My opportunity to prepare to meet God (Alma 34:32).  I have become more Godly, but by no means am I ready yet.

Prayer, scripture study, temple attendance, journal writing are all tools that help me through my personal life experiences.  I have needed them more than ever before.  When I thought of my easier "life is highway" life, they weren't as important to me, interestingly enough.  When I started to realize what an active high intensity life I had, I began to cling to them as one would cling to their mosquito netting and machete out in the Amazon as the only chance for survival.  It also sounds cliche, but the scripture "With God all things are possible" (Matt. 19:26) is an easy catch-phrase for me to tell myself as a positive affirmation in hard times.  I also think of the scripture in Philippians about being able to do all things.  It's on a lot of Christian t-shirts and so it's a great reminder as well, because I live in a place where a lot of people wear Christian t-shirts.  "I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me." (Phil. 4:13)

The day is young, I'm off to conquer whatever crazy experience lies out there today...maybe interactions with the tribal chief????  Sounds great.

Off and running,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Official Hiatus until May 21st

Dear Readers,

We've been taking an unofficial hiatus for awhile, but let's make it official.  Beginning May 21st regular blog posting will commence about my thoughts, feelings, and testimony of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I look forward to "official" time away and the chance to think about some changes to be made to the site.

See you May 21st!