Kansas City Temple

Dear Friend M,

Love the blog, it's one of my favorites.

On Tuesday my family attended the temple open house (having driven from [location] just for the occasion).  While I am endowed and could enter any temple that I choose, the open house really made an impression on me.  They show a film before taking you through and it was very well done explaining the history of temples AND of the Church's history in the area, which is rich with Independence, Liberty, Far West, etc.

If you haven't gone yourself, the open house goes through April 28th and you can make reservations at templeopenhouse.lds.org though I don't think they will turn anyone away (as many tour times are all reserved).  They actually didn't ask to see our confirmation (but we were also there on a weekday at 8am).

I thought of you when I realized how many other people on my tour were NOT members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I didn't realize it until the end when they started asking questions.  Most everyone was wearing appropriate Sunday clothes so they just blended right in!  That's when I realized how interested people were about our Church, and this is their big chance to get inside a temple, a rare opportunity indeed.

I know it's a craft blog, but it would really mean a lot to me if you would mention the Kansas City Temple Open House to your readers.  I know not everyone is from from the Kansas City area, but I really do think that your non-member readers would be interested and not offended by you mentioning.  I think most everyone knows that you are LDS and with your outreach I think a lot of good could happen from a mention on your blog.

Thanks for your time,


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