The Temple Lifts Me Up

Dear Readers,

Today I'd just quickly like to say:

"The temple lifts me up."

This is both literal and figurative.  Several weeks ago when I was entering the temple I was so bogged down with life, so heavy with burdens, that I could not physically stand up straight.  As the temple president greeted me, I remember turning my head to be able to look up at his face and muster a faint smile. P.S. (not trying to brag, but I just love that my temple president knows my name, and can greet me by name...remember not all temples are as big as others, but it just really helps me to feel loved and appreciated in my temple service and helps me to know I am attending "regularly" enough to be recognized.)

I knew I was in the right place, but it's not as if I walked in and everything just melted away.  However, by the end of the night I found myself to be lifted.  That my burdens were easier to bear, and I could sit/ stand tall.  I was excited when I saw the temple president a few days later unexpectedly and could tell him how enjoyable my session had been.

I love the temple.  My ability to attend whenever I want due to my current recommend means everything to me.  Take away my temple recommend and life would be miserable.  It is the House of the Lord.  No matter how often I attend, it is never enough.  The temple lifts me.  The temple ordinances teach me.  I am so thankful to have this blessing in my life.

It makes me remember a talk I heard about some sisters in Africa who walked 18 miles round trip just to receive a temple recommend.  The nearest temple was 3000 miles away and they knew they would never get to use it, but it was that important to them to be worthy of one and obtain it.

I love the temple.



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