It's Complicated

Dear Readers,

I love each and every one of you, and I love it when you send me things to read, or make sure that I know certain resources exist.  I love to share with each one of you my testimony and how I apply Christ's doctrine in my life.

This blog was never meant to be a play-by-play of my life.  It is not my journal.  The original goal was to have a place that would refer readers to the proper information on the internet (i.e.,, or any in the family of websites sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).  I meticulously made sure to never bring too much emotion into any blog post.  But, as the months evolved (2 year anniversary coming up!), I started to share more application of principles in my life, thereby revealing more and more of my person (thoughts, feelings, what I do) to the bloggy world while still maintaining fierce protection of my privacy.  As I moved from sharing information to sharing testimony, content somehow became entwined with ME.

I want to testify to the whole world of my love for the Savior and His doctrines.  I want everyone to know how I feel about THE plan (Plan of Salvation).  I want you to know that I DO live the standards that Mormons live and I LIKE it.

But, it's complicated.

I have no time to blog, because I'm out serving the Lord (or holding onto the little precious family time that I have).  When I do have time to blog, I have to choose carefully over time restraints, and privacy issues.  I have a lot that I would love to share about my church service and things that I have learned, but it's just not working to share right now.

Now this isn't a break-up, even though it is me, not you :)  I guess I feel like I need to come clean.  I'm trying to be as honest as possible on the blog and write about my REAL life, but when I look back and see my last post is about modesty with my daughter.  I have to laugh.  It was 100% true, and really did happen.  It just represents 5 minutes out of 10 days, and it totally does NOT represent what I did in the last 10 days.

That's all.  It's impossible to give you a chronological mission journal, and I'm really sorry.  I feel like my blog is dis-jointed and jumbly, mainly because I can't really follow up on any thoughts that I share, because my life just moves too fast.  I compose blog posts in my head a lot as I know I have tons of great experiences to share.  Some make it to my drafts folders, and tons do not.  Sometimes I want to share something, but the mere thought of giving the back story just frightens me out of typing, because I learn so much all of the time.  These small snapshots really don't give my testimony justice at the moment.

This was long to say nothing I know, but I just want you to know that I KNOW that there is a discrepancy between the life I really live and what my blog might make it seem like my life is like.

Thanks for reading,


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