Best Grandpa Ever!

Dear Readers,

Did you know we are less than 3 weeks away from General Conference?!?!

Check the calendar, it's sneaking up early this year.  The Saturday session is March 31st!

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, it's time to get prepared.  I can't believe it's been 6 months....well maybe I can this time around.

I've been chuckling all week as I remember some experiences from high school.  I had several friends mistake a picture of the prophet as my Grandpa.  Easy to do, I suppose, but it happened multiple times over multiple years.  White hair and glasses, definitely not a picture of my boyfriend, so I guess Grandpa was the only other alternative in their minds.

The prophet would be the best grandpa ever, though I'll take ones that I have thanks.

So, what are you doing to get prepared?  Do you do anything awesome?  Are you type of person that re-watches all of the previous conference?  Do you buy a new journal to take notes in?  We have family traditions, and I always have ideas, but I never feel like I get to prepare how I'd like.  Next week is Spring Break and I look forward to the time that I *think* I will have.  I have a blog drafts list that is ten miles long.

One more time here are the details:

General Young Women Meeting (This IS conference if you didn't know.  All Young Women and their mothers/ leaders should be encouraged to attend.)
Saturday March 24, 2012
6pm, MDT

General Sessions
Saturday March 31, 2012, Sunday April 1, 2012
10am, 2pm MDT

Priesthood Session
Saturday March 31, 2012
6pm, MDT

I found the information here, at the Newsroom.

If you want a refresher or need help finding a talk, here is the last one from October 2011.

Happy day,


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