I Hope They Call Me On a Mission

Dear Brother,

Well, I'm already on a mission.  Today I spoke with a priesthood leader who confirmed that this is supposed to be an all day, every day job.  I was concerned that I didn't have a life outside of serving in the Spanish Branch, but I guess I'm not supposed to have one.  Now I know.  At least I don't feel bad about it now.  Time to put my nose back to the grindstone and keep workin' away to strengthen this Branch.

The Branch is doing splendidly by the way.  Last night I had the opportunity to attend the temple with other Branch members as a new missionary received his endowment.  This will be the first missionary to serve from the Branch.  It is a very exciting time.  There were 30 people in the session to support this young man.  Twenty of them were current members of the Branch and others were friends/ previous members of the Branch and our full-time missionaries who received permission to attend.  It was a very special Spirit as I've never been at the temple with so many Branch members at once.  I love going to the temple, but I especially love it when I am there with people that I know and love.  That is not even all of the people who are endowed!!!  As I sat there looking around the room I thought of all the baptisms that have happened in the past few months and of the families looking forward to be sealed.  In one year's time the Branch will have exploded even more than it is now.  Why do I have to be moving away?  I look forward to coming back and seeing all of the positions filled that I am training for right now.  I look forward to coming back for these sealings and special events.

I am so grateful for missionary work.

Daughter is extremely excited as well.  This week we have a teaching appointment with the Hermanas.  This is due to a scheduling conflict between Husband and I, otherwise I probably wouldn't truck her along for 3 hours in the car round-trip for this.  She is beside herself with excitement and requested a missionary name tag and outfit.  Since we are the dress-up experts around here this is what we came up with:

Missionary work is great.  I love having this opportunity.  It really is the opportunity of a lifetime.  I love having the full-time missionaries around my family to inspire and teach Daughter.  They are great examples for her.

Good luck to you.

Te amo.



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