Altering History

Dear Mother,

Before I scatterbrained these days........

I want to use this article from the Friend for next Christmas.  I was referred to it by a friend, but I didn't see it until it was too late.  Good thing I have all year to decide how I want to use it.  Do I use it exactly as written and read a piece of the story every night?  Do I just cut out the beautiful nativity pieces?  They would make a great flannel board.....hmmmm.

I am happy to announce that we found this guy last week.

This little guy has been known as "Myrrh" for the entire Christmas season.  I bought this set for Daughter, new THIS year.  When he went missing in early December, it was a major tragedy.  Everyone was upset.  I was upset because it my NEW nativity and now it was incomplete.  Husband was upset, because I was upset.  No man likes to see his wife upset over a plastic figurine.  Daughter was upset because all of a sudden now the Christmas story was incomplete.

Every time we played with the set and acted out the nativity, she would not allow us to say that the wise men brought "gold, frankincense, and myrrh".   They were only allowed to bring "gold and frankincense" because "myrrh was missing".  We tried to explain over and over every way that we could, but she was adamant.  For most of December, I was heartbroken that we were altering history and that poor baby Jesus was never going to get His "myrrh".

Luckily, we found him.  Hallelujah.



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