My Real Life

Dear Readers,

Merry Christmas eve!

When I don't write for a long time it is because I am living my "real" life.  I don't talk about it much here, because I am trying to respect the privacy and anonymity of those involved.

I am an unofficial missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Husband and I are not full-time missionaries called and set apart (No Black Name Tags or Sunday Dress 24/7), but we have been asked to serve a stake service mission but they don't really use that term anymore.  We were not "called" to this position and told we had the opportunity to say "No".  It was an opportunity that was extended to us (like a mission call) that we were instructed to pray about and then inform  them of whether or not this was something that our family could do (without great strain).

We are laboring in a Spanish Branch in our city.  Husband (speaks Spanish) is the branch clerk.  He is training a man to be the new branch clerk when we move in.......6 months.  It's coming fast!  Before my husband could teach him how to be a clerk, he first had to teach him basic computer skills.  "This button is the backspace.  You press it if you make a mistake and need to go back."  No joke.  I am the Young Women's President.  I am training 3 sweet ladies about what the program is and how to be a leader.  It is no small job.  We work closely with the full-time missionaries and stake leaders to coordinate our efforts to meet the needs for the branch.


I am also extremely happy to feel such joy in the service of the Lord.  I did not serve a full-time mission and I think this is very similar.  I also look forward to serving a couples mission with my husband.  It'll be a piece of cake after serving one with a 3 year old!

We don't get a Preparation Day and no one feeds us dinner.  We also don't have to tract or go to a lot of meetings.  We have our computers, music, and can talk to our families whenever we have time (ha!).  I am grateful to have "amenities" though when you are this busy, it cuts down on the time that you have for amenities.

Like I say, there are not many people in the branch and so if I talk about them it might be easy for some to figure out who I am talking about.  Even when I say good things about them, I hesitate to post about them.  I am having the most amazing experiences for sure.  I'll have to think about how to tactfully share them, but I haven't had a lot of time to think.

In addition to the church duties that we have we home and visit teach those on our routes.  This brings many unique experiences as well.  "Lindsay?  Can Husband go to court with me today?  It is at 1pm.  My neighbor said she'd go with me (to translate), but now she says she can't go."  This a real conversation that I had 3 weeks ago at about 10:30 in the morning.

I have eaten weird foods that after taking a few bites, hid the rest in my napkin (don't tell).  I have also sat through several meetings/ conversations/ lessons where I don't understand anything until someone translates for me.

We are having a delightful Christmas season.  I have 2 posts that I wrote about it, and maybe I'll post them, but I woke up feeling like I should revise them before I post them.  So I wrote about this, because it more accurately reflects my December.  It has been probably 70-80% focused on the branch and some serious needs that they are having right now, and not very much Christmas after the special Nativity exhibit.  I do love missionary work.  The Church has need of many other service missionaries and full-time senior couples.

“We need thousands of more couples serving in the missions of the Church.  Every mission president pleads for them. Everywhere they serve, our couples bring a maturity to the work that no number of 19-year-olds,
however good they are, can provide.”  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland General Conference, October 2011 (found here)

I like to think that this statement means me though I am sure he was referring to the senior couples because there aren't too many people that get to be in my position.  I know I am truly blessed to have this opportunity.  It is true what Elder Holland said.  These full-time missionaries aren't married, have no children, and have little frame of reference about many things in life.  They eat cereal for any meal that they don't have provided, but they are a lot of fun.

This blog doesn't reflect anything "fake" about my life.  It just shows the 20% of other experiences that I am having right now.

Merry Christmas.  I will share what our family has been up to soon (I never knew a simple cookie plate could bring so much joy!).



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