Gift to the World - Bible Videos

Dear Readers,

Did you see the First Presidency Christmas Devotional?!?!??!?!  If you missed it, watch here.  If you want to read some of my thoughts, read here.

A BIG announcement that was made was about a gift from the First Presidency to the WHOLE WORLD.  Yes, that is BIG!

Pres. Eyring revealed that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was going to share 50 videos about the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

THIS IS THE INTRODUCTION VIDEO. (could not embed here, sorry)

Notice that these videos are for everyone, not just members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Tell all of your friends.  Email the links, post it on your social media (  These are FREE and they are hands down the best depictions that I have seen.  Every time the Church makes videos about the life of Jesus Christ, the quality is unmatched.

These are going to be great for Family Home Evening, my Young Women lessons, and a great tool to share with my friends.  Who is going to turn down a movie about the Savior, especially with no strings attached?

Not all 50 videos are finished yet.  So far there are a total of 6 that are geared around the Savior's birth and early life events.  These are perfect for our Christmas worship.

When this was announced, my husband I just kind of looked at each other.  This was partially because we already had a heads up about the Jerusalem movie set.  We knew that it existed, but we had no idea that it was for THIS!!! - a free gift to the entire world!

In the Devotional they played "A Gift to the World" which contains clips of all of the completed videos so far.  In short that shows the birth of Christ more succinctly than the individual videos breaking down each part.

I have previewed a few of the other videos and I am just blown away.

WORD OF ADVICE - Because the whole world is now viewing these videos, I have had problems with choppiness on two different computers (so I'm assuming it's not just me).  However, if you click the "Download" link by the bottom right hand corner of the movie screen, it'll take you to a different web page where it plays with no problems.  On that page you can then save it to your computer, but clicking "Download" does NOT make you download it to your computer.

When I watch these little vignettes, my heart swells with the Holy Ghost.  Peace washes over my body and I have no doubt that Jesus Christ is MY Savior and Redeemer.  That He is indeed real, and performed every miracle/ action that the Bible says that He did.  He lived and died for me, and now lives once again.  I have no doubt as to the truthfulness of His doctrine and that through following it I will gain eternal life!!!  These videos are a great tool.  I am so thankful for them.  Everyone who is affiliated with them has been truly inspired.  Every detail is perfect from the textures in the clothing, to the dialogue used, to the musical score, to the lighting/ location, and the acting.

Christmas won't be the same anymore.  It will be so much better, and I assuming that these other vignettes will be rolling out over the coming months with the conclusion coming around Easter time.  Oh hope of hopes, I hope that is how it happens, because I have been thinking about Easter in conjunction with Christmas (it's all about Christ) and how to better focus on the Savior.

His servant,


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