Christmas Website

Dear Readers,

I would like to remind you about  I found this website last year, but not until 3 days before Christmas.  I was disappointed that I had spent my whole season without it!

Read The Christmas Story.  It sounds like a pre-made Family Home Evening idea to me!  There are links to music, video and other articles to enhance the meaning for you and your family.

Watch 17 different Christmas videos.

Find a list of ideas to have a more meaningful Christmas.  I love that they remind us that Christ is the best gift of all.  Let's simplify!

Download free Christmas music.

Check out these coloring pages and games for kids!  Also are other ideas that look perfect for the other  Monday nights in December (Family Home Evening opportunities).

I actually love how this website is very simple.  Nothing glitzy or glamorous here.  It is an example to me to keep things simple during my Christmas worship!  At first glance I thought, "That's it?  With all of the resources that the Church has, they are only including this little amount?"  But you know what?  It's enough.  I'm still putting together the finishing touches on my Christmas season "plan", but I will keep it simple.

Christ is the real gift of Christmas.



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