I Am a Child of God

Dear Readers,

Whew!  It's over.

Last night was Nuevos Comienzos (New Beginnings) for the Young Women.  For the past 10 days, I have done nothing, but work on the details for that.

Today is a special day for Daughter.  She has been very patient these past 10 days, so today we are heading to the science museum and we will meet our Dad for lunch.  In celebrating Daughter today, this is one of her favorite Mormon Messages right now.

By recognizing that I am a daughter of the Divine One, this means that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and is watching out for me.  He blesses me ALL of the time.  This makes me really happy.



Anonymous said…
Congrats on pulling off a big event like that! This mormon message is one of A's favorites right now too. From watching it several times he's been learning the words and requests it for one of his bedtime songs. Sometimes it almost makes me cry watching it with him.

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