At the Door and On the Stair

Dear Mother,

I have a great story for you, but it requires background information, so read on!  You'll love the ending.  You won't know whether to laugh or grab a tissue, because Daughter is so sweet and precious.

At the Door:

In our bedroom hangs the picture by "Jesus at the Door" by Del Parson.  It is the one that you gave to Husband and I with the gold foil leaf.  There have been many times that Daughter has pointed it out and so we have talked about it.  I have explained to her that there is no door handle on the door and that she must choose to open up the door, because Jesus is knocking on it.  We have to choose to be close to Jesus, because He wants to be close to us.  I have knocked on the wall of my room to demonstrate that Christ is knocking and calling "Daughter, Daughter please let open up the door."  We must let Him in our lives.

On the Stair:

This week Daughter and I were on our way upstairs to do the laundry.  She was holding a book and we had talked about reading it together, but decided to first do the laundry.  I told her to put the book on the couch, and Bear (who was in her other hand) also.  She misunderstood what I was saying, and I could tell that she truly wanted to understand, so I clarified.  I said,  "Book on the couch, Bear on the couch, Daughter come upstairs for the laundry."  Daughter understood and she started upstairs.  I had been waiting for her midway up the stairs and I bent down and gave her a big hug.

This is the conversation that followed:

Me:  That was good obeying!  I am so proud of you!

Daughter:  I obeyed!

Me:  When we obey our Mom and Dad it helps us obey our Heavenly Father.  Mom and Dad ask us to do things and so does Heavenly Father.  Heavenly Father has asked us to do things like go to church on Sundays, read the scriptures, and pray with our families.  Daughter is obeying Heavenly Father!

Daughter:   (big gasp and jaw-dropped smile)

Me:  Daughter goes to church on Sundays!  Daughter reads the Doctrine and Covenants every night.  Daughter says prayers with our family!

Daughter:  Daughter is obeying!

Me:  Yes, you are!  The things that Heavenly Father asks us to do are called commandments.  When we follow Heavenly Father's commandments we get to live with Him again.  Do you want to live with Heavenly Father again?

Daughter: (smiling and nodding yes)

Me:  That's wonderful.  Heavenly Father loves you so much and wants to live with you again.  Heavenly Father loves you.

Daughter:  (thinking)  Jesus loves you.

Me:  You are right.  He does.  Jesus loves Mom and Daughter.

Daughter:  He is saying, "Daughter, Daughter, open up the door." (see above)

Me:  (I had to think for a minute what she meant)  Oh, you mean like the picture in my room?

Daughter:  Yes.  He is saying, "Daughter open up the door.  Let me in."

Me:  And is Daughter going to open up the door?

Daughter:  YES!  And I will tell Him, "Hola!!!!!" (Hello in Spanish)

Me:  (no response, smile, laughter, wonder and awe)

Mother, I have often thought about choosing to open up the door and letting the Savior into my life.  Yet, I have never thought about what happens once the door is actually opened.  It does make a person ponder...

Would I greet the Savior with a big hearty "Hola!" or would I be looking through the peephole in shame timidly opening up the door?

I love Daughter.  She teaches me.

I love you.



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