Simple Pioneers

Dear Sister,

I cannot say enough about Nauvoo.  It was EXACTLY what my family needed.  Daughter is still singing the songs from the shows and praying for the characters in the plays.  She also wears her pioneer get-up almost constantly.  Sometimes she makes me wear our cowboy hat and then she calls me "Cowboy Mama", lol.  I don't know where she gets this stuff.  I don't know which I prefer more, "Cowboy Mama" or when she just calls me "Ma".


Are you kidding me?

This is 2011 and my daughter calls me Ma?

Next we're going to sell our car and travel by covered wagon alone.  Daughter actually got mad when I was putting away the pioneer decorations this week.  Hello, it's September!

Secretly, I love it.  Make that LOVE it.

I love that our household cherishes the lives and sacrifices of our progenitors.  I love that we remember them daily.  Remembering our past helps us understand who we are and how we should act and why.

One thing that impressed me in Nauvoo was how simple yet so rich and full their lives were.  They didn't have so many comforts that we now have.  They worked hard all day, and then socialized in the evenings.  Though they were persecuted and faced many trials they were so happy.  They were so full of joy for their blessings of what they DID have, ie. The Book of Mormon, the temple, food to eat, clothes to wear, etc.

In their homes they had what they needed.  Even the "extravagant" homes still had many kids sharing one small bed.  Their family might have a few prized possessions, but their homes (albeit reconstructed and refurnished) did NOT have "stuff", piles of clutter, or a surplus of plastic toys/ items made in China.

No wonder they were able to easily focus on the gospel.  Their houses were Houses of Order.

Looking around my house, I thought it would be so neat if we could get rid of 50% of we have.  We have a family of 3 so I know we have a lot less than the typical American Family, but I know we have WAY too much.

I also know 50% is huge.  I was telling the missionaries my goal, but then I was telling them I didn't think it was possible.  Yeah some things would be easy.  We have 2 pianos, give away one.  We have 4 strollers, get rid of 2 or more.  Then I thought of my craft stuff and I thought........."ooooh, which things would be a part of my 50%?   There is NOTHING I could part with."  Same with some of my piano music.

I kind of left it at that, but then a few days later, I walked around my house with new eyes.  Having mulled over the idea of 50% in my head, all of a sudden, I saw TONS of things that I could part with.  I told Husband to hurry and let me get rid of them before I changed my mind.

We took one load to donate last night.  It was probably only 2%, but it was mainly the bags we've been meaning to take for months.  I haven't gone through for my big purge yet.

I am excited.  I know we won't really hit 50% because I am sure we use 50% of our possessions regularly, but I am happy to kiss some major clutter good-bye.  There are so many qualities that I hope to emulate from the pioneers.

Being 3rd generation Depression dwellers, I know we struggle with clutter/ junk.  We were taught to hold onto things because we MIGHT need them later.  I decided that the DESIRE of living a simple "stuff"-free life outweighed my FEAR of getting rid of something that I "might" need later.  I haven't regretted any decisions yet.  I have only reaped the blessings of feeling lighter, simpler, and more godly like the pioneers.  If the pioneers were happy focusing on the Book of Mormon, temple work, and other simple doctrinal truths, then I can be happy focusing on those things too.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Is someone stuck in wrong time period?  She sure is cute though.



Anonymous said…
That's cute she's calling you 'Ma' :) I've been feeling overwhelmed by so much stuff lately too. Maybe I should take a look around and also be better about avoiding 'good deals'- I'm a sucker for them. I don't think that I could purge half like your goal, but certainly some of it! I've been slowing down on my blog reading lately, but I like reading your recent posts.

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