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Dear Readers,

I LOVED my trip to Nauvoo, IL.  It was exactly what my family needed.  In keeping with the letter to my sister about purging 50% of my household, I have a gift for you.

I am a card maker, as in greeting cards.

I used to be involved in a card swap where crafters would make greeting cards of their own design and then swap them with the other makers.  Because of this, I have over 200 pre-made greeting cards just sitting in my house.

Stacks of them.

Stacks and Tubs of them.

When I give a card these days, I sometimes use one of these pre-made ones, or make a new one if I want it to be specifically made by me, for a certain situation.  As part of my purge, I realized that I felt guilty making new cards when I had so many others to choose from, so that resulted in NO card-making for awhile.  And what's the point of having card-making supplies if you are not going to make cards?  Those should get purged as well...but I don't want to have to do that.

If I get rid of the greeting cards, then I can keep the supplies :).  I could either:

1.  Throw them all in the garbage

2.  Give them away

Being a crafter, I hate to throw them away.  They are clever, cute and many times made with loving attention to detail.


anybody want some cards?  No catches, no gimmicks.  If you email me where to mail them, I'll send you 10 cards.  These can include Halloween, Easter, every Holiday in between, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, Birthday, Blank/ No specification, etc.  Since I didn't make all of these cards, they are very diverse in style.

Here is a small sampling of my 200+ cards.

LettersfromLindsay at gmail dot com

I'll pay the postage.  I love the post office.  Remember?  It will be my pleasure to share these with you.

I will be bummed if no one wants any, because I simply can't use them all.  Even if I wrote 10 notes to friends a week, it would take me over 6 months to send them all (and that would be 6 months of no new cards).

Some of the cards even have matching envelopes that were swapped....

Have I sold you yet?  I know this blows your anonymity, and for that I am sorry, but there is no way to mail them without an address.

I love cards because of the joy that they can bring to others.  Everyone needs a friend.  President Hinckley taught that.  Giving/ receiving a card is a friendly gesture.  It also is a great fulfillment of my goal to reach out to others this year.  I am working on it, though I haven't talked about it too much lately.

Thanks for reading,



Ashley said…
will wants to know if we can request specifics... : )

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