How are you? I am fine.

Dear Readers,

I apologize.  I have sent much personal and private correspondence, but have not allowed you to be privy to it. I am also grateful for the cards and letters that I have received lately.  It has been a fun time. Cards have that effect on people.  Anyone want some? (lettersfromlindsay at gmail)  Everyone from my first group has received their card packages in the mail, but I still have oodles and oodles.  I even started giving out more cards myself, but I still have more than I'd like to have.

As far as news on "the purge", or shall we call it "Purge 2011", or "The Great Purge"?  Every great "disaster" has a catchy name.  We'll just stick with "The Purge".  We're not to 50% yet.  Honestly, I have no idea what percentage we're at, but we have made a ton of progress in case you're interested.  It might take a whole month to get everything to all simplified like the pioneers, but we are off to an awesome start.  The missionaries have also been really grateful for some of our castoffs...(never seen someone so grateful for a waffle iron for example).  I have even purged my "drafts" file in this blog and deleted 50% of my "draft posts".  It feels so good to remove clutter from all areas of my life.

The Young Women's presidency is off to a great start.  We are slowly overcoming the language barrier and having much success.  Rome wasn't built in a day, but I'm sure they savored each and every little success.

Additionally, it has been exciting to hear about those who are starting to labor in the The Vineyard.  Thank you for all of your feedback.  It lifts me up to hear of others who are making a stand for good in the world.  This is what I wrote about the Vineyard.  Even my own husband got right to work.  I am so thankful, because he is doing Spanish translation.  We need that, because all of the Young Women materials are not in Spanish (yep, another hurdle for me.)

I don't usually do updates like this.  This blog never was meant to chronicle my day-to-day activities, or even my day-to-day spiritual life, but I feel like I am behind, and as part of the "The Purge" I am getting everything current, so I can live in the present.

Also, I am pooped, as in VERY tired.  Every night I sit down and think that I'd like to share something on the blog, but I am just way to tired to form sentences.  It might be like this for awhile.  My new responsibilities caught me off guard, and the health of myself has not been stellar.  Someone in my house needs surgery in the coming months, and we have our own personal heartaches to work through right now in addition to everything mentioned above.  Your patience is appreciated.

With the influx of new readers, I just wanted to say hello.  Welcome.  This is my testimony.  I know that these things that I type about are full of truth.  I know that as you read these things, they will also ring true within you.  Visit to chat with a representative or have them visit your home to speak more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



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