Helping in the Vineyard

Dear Readers,

Hey all.  I've been thinking of you.  I'm really excited to post today (that means Daughter is napping!).  I just care so much about you, when I've never met so many of you.

I really hope that everyone who comes to my blog will learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and want to become more like like Him.  I really hope that you strive each day to be the best person that you can even if it means making changes that sometimes hurt in the moment.

Today I am sharing something that I haven't known about for too long.  I stumbled upon it when I was looking for something else, so I honestly don't know how long it has been around.  It is a website called The Vineyard.

This site lists service opportunities that you can complete to help the Church out.  As we transition to this digital media age, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints needs help getting all of its' information and resources put together.  Think of it as online service projects.

Because it is new.  It is a very simple site that is easy to use.  There are FAQs to help you get started.  You do need an LDS Account, but if you are LDS (Mormon) you probably already have one.  You DO NOT need to be Mormon to get an LDS Account and help in The Vineyard.  Start here to get an account if you need.

Next time you are going to waste time log into a social networking site, check out The Vineyard instead!

Now if you are wondering how I have time to help in the Vineyard, be an Indexer, teach 20 piano students, serve in Spanish Branch, feed missionaries 3 times a week, run a marathon, parent my daughter, love my spouse, complete my visiting teaching, learn how to sew, maintain this blog, and do whatever else I tell you I do,

I will write up a post right now, and post it on Friday (because I already have something for tomorrow.)

Friend M this is for you!  This is 7 months overdue.  Forgive me, but come back on Friday.

Helpfully and Friendly,


Karey said…
Hi Lindsey! Remember me? I was just talking to Tara a few days ago and she mentioned you guys, so I looked you up :) I've really enjoyed reading your posts! I love what you're doing here!
Thanks so much for sharing this website - such a cool thing! Matt and I will definitely reroute some of our (super pointless) facebook time to The Vineyard.

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