A Beautiful Story

Dear Readers,

May I tell you about my Sunday?

Today has been such a wonderful, WONDERFUL day.  One of the best of my life.  It has been a day full of peace and joy that comes from being close to Heavenly Father's Spirit.

I attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  With over 14 million members, we meet as small congregations on a weekly basis.  These are organized geographically for convenience.  At this time, my family has been asked to attend the Spanish congregation (called a branch) in our area.  Many of them are new to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a whole.  We are helping to train them to assume leadership positions so that the Latino population may become stronger in this area.

This past week I was called to be the Young Women's President.  This is to oversee the girls who are ages 12-18 in the branch.  A president chooses two counselors to work with as well as a secretary.  They then counsel together on how to best meet the needs of the girls and administer the program for them.

All positions in the Mormon Church are unpaid.  As people are "called" they choose to volunteer their time to fill the position they have been asked to fill.  We do not base these "callings" on resumes or look at qualifications, but believe that these positions are "called of God", like Aaron.

As the President it was my responsibility and privilege to pray and receive inspiration on who Heavenly Father wanted to work in the Young Women's organization.

I prayed,

and prayed.

My head swirled.   Being the Young Women's President or any other president comes with great responsibility.  I did not know if I could complete the task ahead of me.

Did I mention this is a Spanish congregation?

I don't speak Spanish.  "No habla Espanol." (I say that a lot.)

(If you're wondering what I'm doing in a Spanish congregation see above comment about being called of God.  If we trust in Him, He will direct our paths.)

As I thought through the names of all of the other women, I became very overwhelmed.  How could I train someone who spoke very little English when I spoke very little Spanish?  I had been told that I could have a "translator", but I kept feeling that Heavenly Father wanted someone else.  Someone else who did not speak English...what to do?

After praying for over an hour last Wednesday (it felt so long, but that is so short compared to Enos) I finally knew.  I knew that God had spoken to me, and I did not waver anymore in my thinking of who should fill what position.

Today at church we began our duties.  First, our names were presented to everyone so that we could be voted on.  Then we were given special blessings to perform our best in these callings.

Before all of this though, one of the ladies I had chosen was given the Holy Ghost and was confirmed as a member.  On Saturday, she was married to her spouse, and then her family was baptized.  It was a beautiful moment for them in their lives as they chose to become a member of Christ's Church.  Yesterday was really special and it carried over to today.

In our special blessings we were blessed with many wonderful promises.  One woman was blessed with the gift of tongues; that she would learn English in a way she never thought possible to be able to communicate with me!  Another woman was blessed that through her diligent service that her family would want to come to church and work towards being sealed in the temple!  My own blessing provided special guidance and direction on how to interact with the girls and a blessing of health (yay!) to be able to complete my duties.  It also spoke of listening to the "whisperings" of the Holy Ghost.  It made me remember this experience.  I am grateful that I have learned how to discern guidance from the Holy Spirit.  There have been many lessons learned this past year.

After an overwhelming week for many reasons, it all ended so sweetly.  The Lord is pleased.  I know it.  He has spoken and chosen His servants and they have answered the call.  We have a beautiful beginning as we meet this week to begin to figure everything out.

One English-only speaking woman.

Two Spanish-only speaking women.

One barely bi-lingual woman who knows just enough English to translate for us all.

This is our presidency.  There is much to teach.  There is much to learn.

I am humbled by my experiences.  I have prayed many times this week.  I have shed many tears,

but now I am feeling my greatest joy.  And I know this is just the beginning.

This is Jesus Christ's work.



Karey said…
I'm so excited for you, Lindsay! You will be such a good YW President. I've had so much fun and learned so much in my almost 2 years as yw president. It's such a privilege to serve the youth of the church. The girls will feel your love for them, and your counselors are seriously so lucky to serve with you and learn from your example.

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