And Counting...

Dear Readers,

Lastly, YES I am ECSTATIC about General Conference.  The General Relief Society Meeting (highlights here!)was fantastic.  I want to spend a whole week on it.  Five days for five "forget-nots" from President Uchtdorf.  I can't wait.  Our family will stick to tradition.  We treat General Conference as an employee might treat a business conference.  We wear business casual or nicer depending on the session.  We're on time.  We plan no other activities to distract us.  We look forward to hearing the keynote speakers recognizing them to be THE experts of this field.  If we cannot make it in person we "tele-commute" and participate over the web.  We feel the buzz and excitement of a LARGE group gathered together for a single purpose.

YES, we LOVE General Conference in our house.  We have been preparing for over a month, but I have not said anything.  Sorry.  It's not too late for you to clear your calendar and plan to participate.

Print out activities for children (or yourself).

Recognize that it is no ordinary blessing.  (It is worth it to give 20 hours of your year.  Seriously.)

AND last but not least, enjoy this from Elder Holland's last Conference talk in April.

General Conference IS amazing.  It has the power to change your life.  Please watch.

Read here for my "Proper Preparation" from April that also lists how and where to watch on the internet.



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