21 Appointments

Dear Brother,

I don't know that I've had the chance to explain this to you.  There are 3 sets of missionaries in the Spanish Branch that we attend (2 Elders, 1 Sisters).  That means that the Branch is responsible for 21 dinner appointments every week.  They are NOT allowed to eat together, so that really means 21 separate dinner appointments every week.  For the small congregation (this is a branch!), it means that EVERYONE gets the opportunity to feed the the missionaries very regularly.

We actually now feed them 3 times a week (once per set).  The Elders awhile back said they sit at home and eat Top Ramen soup if they do not have an appointment, so we do our best to always find time for them to come.

It has been such a blessing for our family.  I love it because missionaries are supposed to teach everyone.  This includes my family.  They also give challenges.  At any one time we have three challenges to work on!!!  And you know how I love a challenge.  These have included praying for less-active members of the Branch and how we can help them, to making the sacrament more meaningful, listening to the words of hymns, attending the temple regularly, etc.

All of these challenges all revolve around the Doctrine of Christ.  Our Stake President has requested that the missionaries share this with all of the members.  It is so amazing to see the different angles that the missionaries come up with to teach us something NEW about the Doctrine of Christ every single time.  Even the new mission presidents this year were instructed about the Doctrine of Christ.  (I loved reading about the seminar, but the video made me want to serve a mission more than ever!)

The missionaries also provide a great example for Daughter.  If she goofs off during a prayer, we can say, "Did Elder so-and-so goof off during the prayer?"  Or if she eats with poor table manners we can say, "Did you see the Sisters eating like puppy dogs?"  It is great to have more bodies around the dinner table.  They are not a burden at all, we look forward to it.

In fact, I have been surprised at how they have not impacted our grocery budget.  I know you are probably tired of hearing about my financial blessings, but I am just SO grateful.  We have not increased the amount that we spend on groceries every month, although I have increased the quantity AND quality of food that I buy.  I am so grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to feed the missionaries 3 times a week and with this blessing of resources, I plan to do it as long as I live here.

I love missionary work.



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