Trials and Tribulations

Dear Readers,

After writing my last post, I began to think about trials. While I was distraught about the current situation of my friend and how that impacted me, I thought of an exchange from a movie.

Eliza:  "After the tribulations cometh the blessings."

David:  "Is there an end to tribulations?"

Eliza:  "Perhaps only in the world to come."

This exchange came from the LDS film Legacy.  "This DVD of the motion picture Legacy portrays the joys, sacrifices, hopes, and trials of early Latter-day Saints and describes the legacy of faith of early Church members." (taken from this website)

Who knew about trials better than the pioneers?  They were mocked, mistreated, driven out of their homes, watched their leaders be wrongfully persecuted/ martyred, and had to walk across the wilderness to be able to finally worship freely.  Once I started to think of the pioneers, my own pity melted away for me, because I knew that this trial would be able to endured just as the pioneers endured so much.  I went back and watched some of the movie, Legacy because I wanted to make sure that I had the quotes right.  While the main characters are fictional, all events are historical and you can bet the Church did a boat-load of research so that the characters are like real pioneers.  Order an inexpensive copy from as it is not one of the features available on the website.

AND if there is no end to tribulations in this life?  I look forward to a sweet reward in the next life.

I also mailed a letter to my friend today, a picture that Daughter painted, and a card from Husband and I.  I hear he is recovering, but he is still in the hospital.

Thank you for your prayers.  We are all healing.

Endure to the end.

I will.



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