Prayers, Please

Dear Readers,

This is an excerpt of a letter that I received yesterday in regards to the member of the stake that we fasted for:

"His surgery went well today.  The doctors were able to successfully remove his foot and part of his leg."

This I was not prepared for.  Husband and I had discussed this as a possible outcome, but quickly dismissed it.

I am grateful that there was not a worse outcome.  Sunday we fasted.  We have been praying since we received word of the situation.  This man's name is difficult to pronounce for most, so Daughter has just been praying for "our home teacher."

Yes, this man is our home teacher.  He has spent hours in our home counseling our family.  He has taken an especial interest in all our interests and supporting us as we learn and grow.  He has been instrumental for many of the wonderful changes that have come to our family these past 3 1/2 years.  While we have had the chance to rub shoulders while working on stake projects, we were friends first.

He spoke in Stake Conference last week.  He did great.  I thought they were some of the best words that I heard him preach.  We conversed and made an appointment for last Wednesday.  We told Daughter that our home teacher was coming.  She excitedly spoke of him.  She even said that he was going to sing us a song, something that I knew we'd all laugh at when he arrived.  I looked forward to catching up from the busy summer.  It was indeed our home teacher who had asked us to help with the Youth Conference, neither of us knowing exactly what that would mean in the coming months.

He never came.  Daughter was disappointed and kept asking for him as we put her to bed that night.  This had happened before, so I wasn't worried because I knew it meant that he was helping someone else and that the Spirit told him to stay there.  President is always helping someone and always striving to hear the Spirit to tell him how to help others best.  When he didn't return our phone calls, I still didn't worry too much.  Before he has been called out of town and therefore unavailable.  I had raised my eyebrow that we had gone so many days without any contact, because it's not usually like that, but like I say, not far-fetched and I figured we'd speak soon.  Receiving an email on Saturday was hard to know that none of the above was true, that he was in an intensive care unit with serious health issues.

So, readers, please pray.  Please pray for him, his wife, his family, and also for the many people that look up to and admire this man and call him his friend.  Pray for our family.  There is much healing that needs to be done, because things just won't be the same.  Due to other health issues, Husband speculates that our friend will be in a wheelchair, though of course we do not know.  Now he can't visit us in our home, or the many others that he visited.

We love our home teacher.  I keep waiting for another email to come that said they made a mistake, and that they mis-typed.  There was no amputation, he made a full recovery.

I started this yesterday, not sure if I should post it, and now I feel like I am rambling,

but the truth is, our home teacher is who I would have talked to about something as hard as this.

I feel so alone.

Please pray.



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