My Fasting Journal

Dear Brother,

I just realized that I never sent this last letter about fasting to you.

I must say that my family let out a big cheer after we hung up the phone tonight.  Everyone is very excited!!!

As an update, I want to tell you a little bit more about our Fast Sunday two weeks ago.  I mentioned that we were asked to fast for the weather.  Our stake is one of great faith.  That next week we had 7 days where precipitation was recorded.  There have been many rolling thunderstorms which have also lowered the overall temperature.  100 degrees is way easier to handle after 115 degrees.  They recognized this last week in our Stake Conference.

Saturday we received another stake-wide email.  A widely known and beloved member of our stake is in the hospital and could we please fast for him on Sunday.  While the situation is quite serious, I am calmed when I think of the faith of our stake.  If we could fast for the weather and God heard our pleas then most certainly we can fast for our leader and friend and he can be healed.

I tried to use my regular journal for my fasting journal two weeks ago and was not pleased with the results.  While buying school supplies these past two weeks I picked myself up a little spiral notebook for 15 cents to be my fasting journal.


It totally changed my fast.  I told Husband about how I really liked it and that he should try it.  He immediately went and found a notebook for him to use and started one.  I highly recommend it.  If you need the link to it again specifically, it is HERE (though it is also described in my last letter)

I look forward to making more entries in it.  I can feel the potential and know I will definitely enjoy looking back and reading entries once I have made several.

Good to talk again,



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