Looking for Trouble

Dear Sister,

You know how they say if you look for trouble you will find it?

Well, I have decided that the opposite is true.  If you seek for the Spirit then you will find it where ever you may be.  It happened to me this morning.  I was preparing to attend the temple and as I sought to have the Spirit with me it kept multiplying and multiplying.

First, I prayed, then I pondered.  I flipped through the radio and heard something that had some truth to it about serving our fellow man.  I pondered and then flipped the station again and the song "Jesus, Son of Man Desiring" by Bach was on.  I was attending the temple for a specific purpose and was grateful  that once I started looking, goodness and His Spirit were everywhere.

I also found this promise:
"Those who have made it their quest to realize the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit will awaken in the next life as spiritual giants, in contrast to the infancy of others who have lived without God in this world." (source here)
Woot.  Count me in.

I love you, let's talk soon.  We actually have something in reply to your funny craft email a few days ago.  We've just been slow.



Ashley said…
well let's see it!! i'm dying here! : )

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