Hark All Ye Nations

Dear Friend P,

My trip to Nauvoo was wonderful.  When we first moved here 3 years ago we put it on our vacation list for this year, because we knew we wanted our unborn child at the time to be as old as possible to hopefully remember the many experiences of Nauvoo.  I know that many have been deeply impressed upon my heart as I know that they have been Husband's and hopefully Daughter's.

In the Summer months there are many dramatic and musical productions that are performed all around Nauvoo about many topics.  One vignette that we saw was about missionary work.  In it the early missionaries of the Church, Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Parley P. Pratt, John Taylor, and Wilford Woodruff were all portrayed.  They all told of their missionary experiences.  These were professional actors who portrayed these men so powerfully.  I knew that they were accurate in their portrayal because the Spirit told me so.  The only reason why I wondered was because they were so enthusiastic about sharing the gospel.  They were so eager to open their mouths, not fearful, and with so little experience in the Church themselves that I simply was curious if they REALLY were that way, but I know that they were.

Elder Ballard has said in "Anchored by Faith and Commitment",

"Brothers and sisters, we need to learn that early members of the Church succeeded in the face of all opposition because they had the unwavering faith to open their mouths and declare the truth and because they took with them the mighty sword of the Lord's Spirit (see D&C 27:16–18). They remembered their baptismal covenant 'to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places . . . even until death' (Mosiah 18:9)."

That says it all.  The pioneers had an unwavering faith.  They opened their mouths.  They didn't just open them, they "took with them the mighty sword of the Lord's Spirit".  That definitely sounds powerful and effective to me.

The show was appropriately held in the Seventies Hall.  The Seventies Hall was built for the purpose of training missionaries that had been called.  It was a place for them to meet and discuss missionary work.  Also, as missionaries came back they would bring things from the various countries to be resources for the next missionaries that were called.  It was called the the first Missionary Training Center.  Missionaries that are called today still receive training in a Missionary Training Center either in Provo, UT or at a Missionary Training Center in one of many different countries that hosts a Missionary Training Center.

The Senior Missionary who was giving us a tour of the Seventies Hall said that a tornado blew down one of the walls while it was still under construction.  It was very discouraging to the pioneers, but Brigham Young called it an "omen".  That Satan knew what good things would happen in that building and so he was trying to stop it from happening.

I can't believe how powerful those missionaries were.  I would love to be like them.  I remember when I said I was going to study out of Preach My Gospel.  Well, it's fallen by the wayside, so I have picked it up again recently to continue my study.    We also feed the missionaries in our home several times a week.  It is wonderful to have the Lord's authorized representatives in our home to be examples to us.  I keep looking at them knowing that they are younger than me.  They just have desire to share.  I keep learning about the early missionaries of the Church knowing that they have been members of the Church less times than I have.  They just had desire to share.

At the beginning and end of the vignette the actors came marching up/ down the aisles singing "Hark All Ye Nations".  The words are such an appropriate missionary anthem.  They are my new inspiration.  "Truth is on earth once more" and I want everyone to know about it.

I do have a testimony.  I do want to share it.  My trip to Nauvoo has lit a fire in me that I want to capitalize on.  Keep me accountable.

With desire,


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