Financial Blessings

Dear Readers,

I am bursting at the seams with so much to share, but I have something that I need to get off my chest first.

I have been blessed over the past few months just like the scripture says with no more room to receive it.  Some of these were financial blessings and I shared a little bit about that.  One blessing that I did not share was about my trip to the dentist.  I went in due to some excruciating tooth pain.  I thought for sure I had a huge cavity and possibly needed a root canal.  They took some x-rays, and looked all around for the cause of the pain (which ended up not being a cavity at all).  The necessary adjustment was made and then at the end, they said "No Charge."

Huh?  Did I hear correctly?  We're not just saying he looked in my mouth and did nothing because there wasn't really nothing.  X-RAYS aren't cheap for the patient or the dentist.  WORK was performed on me by the dentist.  TIME was spent on me that could have been spent on a paying customer.


It's not like I needed this $100 to make my rent payment or put food on the table, but that is a lot of money that can be spent in other areas of my life.  Please help me remember this, so that Husband can be the same type of healthcare provider to others (because it wasn't Husband who made this decision).

I know I was blessed.  We have always been faithful tithe payers and generous with our time and offerings.  The Lord is waiting to bless us.  He wants to bless us.

With Gratitude,


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