Fasting With Power

Dear Brother,

Thank you for asking our family to fast for yours awhile back.  It strengthened my testimony of the power of the law of the fast.  Tonight on "Fast Sunday Eve" I have been preparing for tomorrow.

I wanted to share this neat idea about a Fasting Journal.  A woman wrote to the Ensign about how she keeps a specific journal to write about her fast.  She will keep track of the purpose and as she experiences thoughts, or reads related scriptures, she'll also write them down.  The journal keeps everything in the same place so that she  look back and "see how they all contribute to [her] growth and development."

I think I will try to do this just in my regular journal so I don't have to juggle two, but I am open to the idea of having just a special journal unique to that purpose.  This woman has done it for 15 years so I can imagine what a wonderful treasure that is to go back and re-read.

We have been asked as a stake to fast for the weather tomorrow.  The excessive heat is dangerous to some member's health as well as damaging agricultural crops that have an effect on our economy.

One of my favorite resources is the article entitled "Fasting With Power" by Elder Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy.  I feel filled with power when I read it.  When I was preparing to fast for your family last year, I came across the article and have loved it ever since.  I highly recommend it, if I haven't already to you.

I hope you are enjoying your company and your special day tomorrow.  I am glad that our fasting helped to contribute to it ;)

I love you.



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