April Ensign and Hodgepodge

Dear Readers,

I am sorry.  I just can't seem to feel right about the Book of Mormon post that I have been working on.  It's really held me up, but I don't want to post something that I don't feel exactly right about.

So, I found this in my drafts.

The April Ensign was absolutely amazing.  I LOVED every single article that was in it.  Seriously, I could start at the beginning and give a page by page review.  If you maybe skipped some, go ahead and read it here (link to April Ensign).

I also thoroughly enjoyed the July Ensign.  I will make a draft about this article, because I want to tell you something about it.

I want to share lots of things.  This past Sunday I attended Stake Conference.  It quite possibly might be the best stake conference I have ever attended.  I journaled a lot about it.

I have written in my journal about lots of things.

I will share.


Sometimes I don't blog because I am not feeling the Spirit, but right now I am overwhelmed with it.

I wasn't kidding about the April Ensign.  If someone asks me then I really will go article by article and give a review, but only if someone asks.  I have a lot of drafts already :)

Your friend,


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