On The Way Home

Dear Friend R,

My heart is so heavy for you.  I'd like to tell you a little story.

A few months ago I was driving Daughter home from the public library.  We had had an enjoyable time participating in the Story Time and then playing in the park outside.  As we were driving home I told her that we were going to stop and pick up a few groceries because we drive right by the store (it's even on the right hand side of the road, so very convenient).  As we were getting close to the store, I noticed that Daughter's eyelids were starting to droop, not just a little, but a lot.  I then had to make one of those "Mom" decisions where I decided if letting Daughter nap was more important than the grocery stop.  I decided to skip the store when she noticed the sign and "reminded" me that we were stopping for groceries.  I stopped.  We bought the few things that we needed and then headed on our way home again.

I was thinking the remainder of the way home about our little deviation.  Then I started to think about my way home to my Heavenly Father and all of the deviations from my planned route.  There are many, but I DO know with absolute surety that I will get there.  I will go home.  Just like in the car, I can't tell you how long it'll take to get there.  I cannot predict if I will drive 40 mph the whole way or if I will have to slow down for cars in front of me, or even stop at a light.  I could not give any specifics except for a general outline, stay straight until the 3rd left after 3 lights and then follow the curve.  Vague, yes.  Just like my life.  I am married.  I am having children at a reduced rate and I plan to stay faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I don't know where I will live in 10 months.  I don't know what career decision Husband will make.  I don't know a lot of things.

I just know that I am on the way home.  Heavenly Father has a plan for me.

John 14:27

May your family experience peace at this time.  I love your family.  I love you.  I have always looked up to you since the day that I met you.



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