Just the Same

Dear Readers,

By Diana Lynn Lacey
God sends rain
Straight from the sky
To nourish the young flower
and it grows.
God sends rain from the sky
To the mountaintops,
Then over hills and through valleys
Until it reaches the flower
and it grows, just the same.
God sends a child
Straight from His realm
Into a mother’s arms
and love grows.
God sends a child
From heaven to another’s arms,
Then over hills and through valleys
Until he reaches the arms of his mother
and love grows, just the same.

Yep, we're adopting!!!  We're just starting the process, but wanted to share our news.  After talking about it for almost 3 years, we feel that now is the time to start.  We're not really sure how everything is going to work out, because it all seems so impossible, but we will trust in the Lord because that's all that we can do.  Wish us luck!



Alisa said…
What an exciting time for you guys! I have several friends that have gone through this amazing journey of adoption. What a blessing for all involved. I refer to one of my friends when I talk with my mom "remember my friend that adopted the darling boy" because it was such a wonderful experience and she for sure remembers the event! I will be praying for both families involved as you set sail on this new adventure!
Ashley said…
a friend of mine (actually, you probably remember her from byu cg) shared this video on facebook today:


i know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. He has a plan for your family, and He has a plan for my family. not exactly the plans we grew up with, but in His infinite wisdom, what is right for each of us. for that i am truly grateful. we need to trust in Him.

i have spent some time reading my patriarchal blessing recently as well as talks and articles on lds.org about patriarchal blessings to make sure i approach it appropriately. that, along with prayer, is helping me to be buoyed up with strength and comfort.

i love you and i pray for you. : )
Lindsay said…
Thanks for your support. I've been really flattered and humbled by the positive reactions that we have received from our friends as we have begun telling our plans.
Debbie said…
Congratulations, my beautiful friend. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law adopted their five babies. My best friend in the whole world and her husband adopted their two little boys. Adoption is beautiful and amazing . . . and it gives babies an eternal family. There really is nothing more beautiful than that.

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