I Heart Pioneers

Dear Readers,

Can I blame my internet connection?  Sorry, that Monday's post didn't work out.

I can't lie, I was preoccupied, on vacation in Nauvoo, IL, and when the Internet connection was a little tricky, I didn't try very hard, because I didn't want to waste too much time on it.

It will take several posts to share everything about my marvelous and magical vacation.

Sunday was the 24th of July.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints recognizes this day as "Pioneer Day".  A holiday to remember the early saints, their sacrifices, and their pioneer zeal.

I spent my Sunday (at church of course!) and then walking around the Nauvoo temple.  It was burned by an arsonist, and then a tornado finished it off.  It was rebuilt about 10 years ago.  Then that evening, in the setting sun, my family walked down the Trail of Hope towards the Mississippi river.  The Church now has plaques that give journal accounts of their trip west.  We walked down Parley Street (where the Saints lined up their wagons waiting for the ferry to take them across the Mississippi) and read every sign.  We sang all of the songs in the Children's Songbook that we could remember about pioneers with Daughter.  We walked, and walked.  We looked back at the temple on the hill.  The same way that the early Saints might have, walking away from everything they had.  When we reached the river, we watched the sun set and then we pondered.  There is a monument there that has names listed of those who died along the trek West.  We read some.  I thought about how they had truly consecrated their whole life to the building up of the kingdom of God, ultimately giving their own life in their service.

I love the pioneers and the examples they are to me.  I want to be as faithful as they were.  I want to work as hard as they did.  I want to consecrate all that I have to the Lord.

Come along my journey of Old Nauvoo...

With fervor,



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