Happy Fourth!

Dear Sister,

Thinking deeply can be so exhausting.  It's good to spew out my thoughts so they stop running around my head, but I've definitely been kicking back the past few days to celebrate our country.

Happy Fourth of July from my family to yours!!!

This is me.  Navy/ white striped shirt, red/white/blue hair bow, jean shorts.....
 and red sandals with sparkle toes!!!
 Here is a head shot from last week (notice the jumper in action!!!).  I really need to have Husband take my picture more.  I'm not picky.  I have 1 picture of me for every 50-100 of Daughter and Husband.
 Here is Daughter, the vision, sporting the same dress from last year, but new bow.  This was at the patriotic concert that we love to go to every year.  It was a few days ago.

The silly girl.

They hand out free watermelon and ice cream after the band is done playing.

Husband, handsome as always.
 Daughter wore red, Husband wore blue, and I wore a white patriotic tee.  I started sewing a top to wear, but didn't finish it in time to wear for this morning.  Since we sweat all morning at the parade/ festival I have to change anyways.  Hopefully I'll get it done for this evening.

Hope you had a fabulous time doing all of your celebrations.  I woke up not planning on anything huge, but now I have people coming over for dinner/ fireworks, so I better hop to it.  As always, I have more pictures, but THIS Thursday is D-Day, so maybe next week.



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