You Can Choose to Be Selfish

Dear Sister,

You can choose to be selfish, or you can choose to serve.

I wish I could sound all noble about service, but I really want to be selfish.

I just agreed to host 10 people at my house, TODAY, at 2pm for extra dance instruction for the upcoming Youth Conference.

My house is in disarray.  Last night's pizza box is still on the table, and the whole living room is filled with sewing scraps from all my projects over the past week.  Don't ask about the bathroom, I don't know, and I don't want to know, AND the resident bathroom cleaner is at school.  That leaves yours truly to have to take care of it.

Goodbye sewing table.  Goodbye sewing fun.  We have 4 hours to whip this place into shape.

No phone call/ chat today, Sis.

I will be cleaning my house so I can serve.

"As for me and my house (ha), we will serve the Lord."  You know, from Joshua.  The "ha" is mine, fyi.

The good news I'll get a clean house out of it, and the people who need dancing help will also get what they need.

Love you,


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