Senior Missionaries

Dear Readers,

I thought that this was cool.  They have made changes to the Senior Missionary program so that more will be able to serve.  This is where I read about it first,  It has changes in the amount of time required to serve and a cap on housing costs.  This is the complete announcement of changes!

Our stake is focusing on missionary work this year.  They have asked that everyone prayerfully find someone to be taught in their home.  I recently was talking to Friend M and it was an energizing conversation about missionary work.  There is a desire that comes from a burning testimony that just makes you want to share it with others.  It is like you can't hold it in for fear of bursting.

I have had some of those types of experiences lately, but those are stories for a different day.  We are inviting someone to eat with the missionaries this week!  Hopefully, we'll be able to share with our friend so that he will feel of the Spirit.

Full disclosure:  I have not ordered my box of pass-a-long cards like I said I was going to, but I kind of just forgot, and then have been ridiculously busy.  Now that camp is over I plan to dig out my copy of Preach My Gospel and study in there more and get my box of pass-a-long cards.

For those who don't know, Husband and I (and Daughter) have been serving a stake mission since February. We were called to serve in the Spanish Branch in our stake.  This is not a proselyting mission, but more of a training mission to help these mostly new converts learn about leading and serving in the Church, and supporting them in developing their testimonies and being worthy to enter the temple and receive it's blessings.  Husband served a Spanish speaking mission, but I did not.  I do not know Spanish.  I have never served a mission before.  This has been a wonderfully hard assignment that has yielded great blessings.  I am adjusting fairly well and even bore my testimony today.  I said 2 sentences in Spanish and the rest in English, but it's a start.  "Soy un hijo de Dios...(English testimony)......En el nombre Jesucristo, amen"

I have been wanting to write about the branch for awhile, but that is also on my list of things to get to.

In conclusion, Go Senior Missionaries!!!  I have always looked forward to being one, since I did not serve a mission before getting married.  I never dreamed that I would be called on a stake mission and that I would get to serve one sooner than before retirement.  I am very lucky, and teased my mom about it.

I hope to hear that the number of Senior Missionaries has increased by next April when they read off the statistics in Conference.



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