Discussion - Fathers

Dear Readers,

Whoops!  I thought I had this scheduled to post.  Sorry.

In an effort to be ahead of the game, this week let's talk about fathers.  Father's Day in the United States is June 19th.

I remember one time my dad offered to babysit for me.  He had told me that we were not going to attend a certain cultural celebration so I took a babysitting job, and then at the last minute when he decided our family was going, he approached me and offered to babysit so I could still have an opportunity to attend.  Imagining my dad babysitting 3 girls and it was a long one (5 or 6pm until after midnight if I remember correctly), I somehow thought he wasn't up to the job, so I turned him down.  Deep down I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to go, but it was alright.  In hindsight, probably took me years to appreciate this, I recognize his offer to me was one of many examples of his love for me.


Okay, who has a great dad story to share.

Tell us in the comments box, and for those who are reading this who are Dads (this means you, Husband), go ahead and read this great article "A Latter-day Father's Guidebook."  It is all about the examples that are in the Book of Mormon of great fathers.  I really enjoyed it, and you will too.  It also strengthened my testimony about how the Book of Mormon really is for our present day.



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